Nutanix Prism – Modify UI Settings (background animation, Timeout and 2048 Game)


By default, the login page includes background animation, and users are logged out automatically after being idle for 15 minutes. You can disable the background animation, change the session timeout for users, and configure to override the session timeout.

1. In the main menu, select UI Settings.


2. To disable the login page background animation, under Login Customization, clear the Enable animated background particles box (or select it to enable).


3. To configure session timeout, do the following under Security Settings :

• Select the session timeout for the current user from the SESSION TIMEOUT FOR CURRENT USER drop-down list.

Note: The timeout interval for an administrator cannot be set for longer than 30 minutes.

• Select the default session timeout for all the users from the DEFAULT SESSION TIMEOUT FOR ALL USERS drop-down list.

• Select the appropriate option from the SESSION TIMEOUT OVERRIDE drop-down list to override the session timeout.

4. Check the Disable 2048 game box to disable the 2048 game.

5. Click Save to save your changes and close the window.


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