Connecting Nutanix Beam to Azure

Nutanix Beam has a powerful dashboard that gives you a holistic overview of your overall spend and Security governance for Azure under a single pane of glass. The following features are available with the current version of Beam:

· Powerful dashboard - holistic view of Azure spend

· Azure Analyze - Deep dive into Azure cost analysis

Beam 14-Day Free Trial

Perform the following steps to add your Azure account:

1. Login to Beam

2. Click Add Azure account.

3. Choose your desired name for Beam AWS account, Then Click Next.


4. Select the desired app (Cost Governance) to configure.


5. Enter your Azure enrollment number.


6. Enter the enrollment API access key.


7. You may enable the “Active Save” to eliminate the used resources.


8. Verify and update the account.

Note: it may take up to 1 hours to get the dashboards updated.

Example of the available dashboards for Azure.



Microsoft Azure (Beta) - Feature Summary

Beam 14-Day Free Trial

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