Backup & Restore VMs using Nutanix CE Protection Domain

“A standard (Async DR) protection domain is a defined group of VMs that are backed up locally on a cluster and optionally replicated to one or more remote sites . This type of protection domain uses asynchronous data replication to create snapshots. Protection domain names must be unique across sites.”

The Following Steps will guide you to create a Protection Domain to backup/Restore a single VM.

Access the Data Protection Page by using the following URL https://CVM_IP_Address:9440/console/#page/dr/

Click the Protection Domain and select Async DR.


Enter a name of the protection domain and then click Create.


Select the VM you want to include in the protection domain from the list of unprotected VMs on the left.


“A consistency group is a subset of VMs in a protection domain that are treated as a single group and backed up collectively in a snapshot. Protection domains can have multiple consistency groups. You

Can protect a maximum of 50 VMs within any number of consistency groups (up to 50) in a single

protection domain.”

Click Protect Selected VMs and Then Click Next.


The Schedule screen appears. Click New Schedule.


Select the appropriate Schedule and the number of the Local Snapshots and then Click Create Schedule.


Verify the Schedule and then click Close.


The Protection Domain Group Is shown under the Async DR Table.


Click on the Local Snapshot to view the available Snapshots. You may notice the Change Bytes column that represents the data that has been changed since the last snapshot.


To restore the VM, select the preferred Snapshot and click Restore.

Select the VM Name and the Option to overwrite existing VM.


Click Yes to start the restore and overwrite the current VM.


The VM restored successfully in less than 1 Minute Smile

That’s All Folks…

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