Acropolis Container Services

Acropolis Container Services (ACS) provides the ability to easily deploy and manage containerized applications on the Nutanix platform while offering enterprise-class persistent storage for containers. ACS includes two core capabilities, persistent container volumes and the Nutanix Docker machine driver, which together simplify the process of building a Docker-based container environment on the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform.


Let’s Start…

1. Download & Install Docker Toolbox:

Docker Toolbox will install Docker Machine v0.8.2, alongside the latest versions of the Docker Engine, Compose, Kitematic and VirtualBox.


2. Download Docker machine driver to a Docker Toolbox folder “C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox”


3. Download & Upload Docker Host VM Image to Nutanix Prism


4. Start Docker Quickstart Terminal


5. Creating Docker Host VM

docker-machine create -d nutanix --nutanix-username admin --nutanix-password ‘P@ssw0rd” --nutanix-endpoint --nutanix-vm-image DockerVMImage --nutanix-vm-network External DockerVM01

Command Arguments:

--nutanix-username: Prism Admin Account

--nutanix-endpoint: CVM’s IP address

--nutanix-vm-network: Network Name

Note: The command must end with the name of the VM


Browse to the VM Page on Prism to check the creation of the Docker Host VM


6. Starting Nutanix Volume Plug-In

a. Log in to the Docker host VM using SSH

docker-machine ssh Docker-VM-01


b. Start the volume plug-in script.



7.Starting Docker Container

a. Log in to the Docker host VM using SSH

docker-machine ssh Docker-VM-01


b. Enter the following command to start a container with an attached (either newly created or existing) persistent volume group:

docker run -options --volume-driver nutanix --name docker_container_name –v volume_group_name:mount_point docker_image_name

e.g. Running Swagger Editor with a volume group named SWAG and mounted at /data01.

docker run -p 80:8080 --volume-driver nutanix --name swag-v swag:/data01 swaggerapi/swagger-editor


C. Review the new created Volume Group under the Storage Page on Nutanix Prism


D. Open Swagger Editor (http://docker_host_vm_address)


That's all folks!


· Download Acropolis Container Services (Docker)

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