Sunday, April 21, 2019

Xi Frame

Nutanix Xi Frame is a unique Desktop-as-a-Service solution that let you scale around the world, on infrastructure from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other partners.

Xi Frame runs your Windows (graphics-intensive) applications on powerful servers with dedicated NVIDIA graphics processors in the cloud and delivers the user interface to your browser as an ‘optimized H.264 video stream’, means that apps run faster in our cloud than on your laptop — even 3D CAD and digital editing tools.

Xi Frame delivers a stunning 60 frames per second using 3 Mbps of bandwidth, then drops to 10 kbps when nothing’s happening, allowing the most demanding Windows applications to work flawlessly on real-world networks.

All you need is an HTML5-capable browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE11, No client software. No plugins. No Java. No Flash.

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